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Liquid diet -- new here

Hi, I have been on a mostly liquid diet since the end of June because of an undiagnosed problem.  living on Jello, juice, yogurt and broth has gotten pretty old. I have added some blended smoothies and soups but even soft foods with soft fiber can be painful to digest so I add them with lots of liquid. I am glad to find this group and I am browsing  through your recipes. I have a few recipes that I can share.  Firstly, here is a list of some products I have found that make good ingredients for a mostly liquid diet.

I find ginger helps fight nausea so:

Ener Ginger Gizer (spicy) and Ginger Soother (mild) by the Ginger People. Uncarbonated ginger juice. great to mix with other juices as well as on its own.

Ginger candy to put in my pocket and take in the car:  Candied ginger (cheapest in bulk at the local organic foods shop), Reed's ginger chews, and ginger candies from the Ginger People.

Soy Ginger sauce (various brands. Whole Foods 365 Organics is the organic version I found)

Juices and "milks" that make life more interesting:

[Q: anyone have suggestions of good tasting veggie juices?]

Knudsen's "Just..." juices. Just Blueberry is very easy on the stomach, Just Pomegranate is the best tasting pomegranate I've found so far.  Since these are unsweetened, they can be made sweeter by mixing them with other juices like apple or the ginger juice above. 

Lakewood organic juice (blended)

Odwalla juices and soy shakes -- many of these are blended with citric juice which may be irritating, so check the label. Their carrot juice is good

Pacific Oat Beverage  oat soothes irritation, so this feels comforting. I prefer the vanilla flavor. Pacific makes a wide variety of "milks" to substitute for cow's milk.

Ceres juices - look for them in boxes. several  exotic flavors. I find Papaya, Passion Fruit, Apricot, Mango, and Litchi are great comfort juices.   

Vita Coco young coconut juice is rehydrating, this one tastes pretty good. Other brands are good too -- check the Hispanic foods section.


Note: I have rosemary and sage in my garden so I add a bit of each to the broth and heat it in a mug in the microwave. Another flavoring I have tried an like is dulce seaweed (try an organic market or Whole foods). I fish out the herbs before drinking.  When I feel brave I add some garlic and even poach an egg in the broth or stir it for egg drop soup.  You could also try dry herbs. A tea ball or strainer can help put dry herbs in and then take them out.

Maybe someone can help me find a good Vege broth-- I find many are not very tasty. So far the best I have found is Pacific mushroom broth (box).

Kitchen Basics Turkey Cooking Stock (box)  also comes in chicken an beef.  This is great tasting stock and a break from chicken broth which has become pretty boring for me. I found this at Whole Foods.


Jello makes a new Mango flavor that I have made with Mango juice for half the juice -- very good. The black cherry and raspberry flavors are also good.  I wanted to get away from beef products, though, so I am trying vegetarian gels.

Jeannie makes a vegan jelly desert that I am trying out. It uses carageenan to gel liquid, this adds some soft fiber.  I add a 1/4 cup more liquid than called for in the recipe as the directed amount makes a very firm gel. These are sweetened with sugar.  I tried making the blueberry flavor with unsweetened Knudsen's blueberry juice. This turned out very well.


I am a fan of Stonyfield yogurt because it has a variety of yogurt bacilli for a good probiotic without the high price of some that have "probiotic" on the label. It's also a good tasting yogurt even plain. Comes in regular, Greek, and frozen, as well as low fat and non fat. The nonfat vanilla has a low sugar blend.  I also use the Greek Gods Greek Yogurt, which is a good choice for freezing. 

Freezing equipment:

I find that frozen juice and yogurt  help the pain of what is going on and also provide some variety.  I have an easy to use Cuisinart freezer. I bought a couple of sets of Norpro ice pop makers which you can eat from the pop mold lying down and all. Just pour juice in, cap them, and put them in the freezer. I am experimenting with guar gum to improve texture. I'll post some recipes later.

I hope some of this is userful


Suggestions Please!

I've recently had to change my diet rather drastically due to some medical stuff going on in my life.

As such, I'm now basically living on meuseli, pasta, a little lean meat and vegetables. It's really boring. So I'm looking for inspiration, ideas and food to get me through this horrid lack of cheese and chocolate.

So, These are the restrictions in order of importance:
As low fat as possible.
No onions or onion family. This includes onions in things and onion salt/powder... any hint of onion is BAD. The only exceptions I've found that I can have are spring onions and garlic.
No pork or pig based products.
No sea food (except fish).
No cauliflower/broccoli/brassica vegetables.
No highly spiced/hot flavourings.

What I have access to:
A good shop round the corner with a reasonable selection of fresh food and the usual kinds of staples.
Green beans
Baby corn
Red/Green Bell Peppers
Cous cous
Cooked and raw chicken
Raw chunks of lamb
Chicken Stock
A good stock of herbs (fresh and dried)
Some spices such as paprika/ginger/cinnamon

Thank you in advance, I will attempt to reciptrocate with photos or maybe recipe suggestions of my own.

High in Protein and Taste!

I've recently been trying out lots of high nutrition, easy on the belly recipes.  Here's one of my new favorites - a 16 bean soup that's full of protein and veggies, high on taste but mild enough to get down on a nauseous day, and very easy on the body.

Let me know if you try it out and like it!

16 Bean SoupCollapse )

my anthropology class research project!


I am a gluten intolerant twenty one year old female college student living in Tucson, AZ. For my cultural anthropology class I have chosen to do my semester research project on those who are gluten intolerant and how they create identity for themselves. I would be so grateful if you (or anybody you know that you could forward this to) found the time to fill out this questionnaire and consent form for me. I would need it back by May first, and if it's easier you can email it to dally@chef.net. Thank you so much and I look forward to your replies!

-Miss Dallas

Questionnaire under cutCollapse )

Roasted Veggies! (Crohn's)

I actually have Crohn's and SEVERE gastroparesis, which is really super fun. For awhile I had a lot of trouble keeping food down because it would take SO LONG to leave my stomach. These veggies were one of the only things I could eat, plus they're massive amounts of yum.

Veggies!!!Collapse )

Soy and dairy free breadmaker rye bread

I know you can just make traditional sourdough bread or french bread etc and have it be soy and dairy free, but I didn't like the results of those sorts of recipes.

Soy and dairy free breadmaker rye bread recipe.

I also got some useful advice from the people at cooking.
Recipe at my lj.

This turned out VERY well. Not remotely healthy or even vegan but it passed the "my husband likes it" test :D (He can eat whole tubs of full cream icecream in one sitting with no ill effects)

I find dairy free icecreams turn out kind of icey rather than creamy, so need to be served with soft "creamy" stuff like custard or pancakes. I had this with pancakes spread with peanut butter, it was very tasty.

A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise has a lot of interesting looking recipes and advice, though I'd tend to replace the arrowroot with egg yolks as I did here. The most important advice I got there was: if you're using low fat milks like oat milk, you have to add fat or the texture will suck.

curry without curry?

[x-posted to cooking]

I'm allergic to both garlic and onions, and as such I'm allergic to green, red, and yellow curry paste as well as curry powder and garam masala. My boyfriend really likes curry and has asked me if I could make a curry without onion and garlic (because I also can't cook with either). I've never had curry before, so I have no idea what other spices go into it or if it would be possible to produce a curry type meal without using curry powder. We've checked all the pre-packaged curry mixes at Tesco, and all of them had either garlic, onion, or both. I realize this is a lot similar to the post a few weeks back about wanting chili without chili peppers, so I completely expect to be told it's not possible at all, but I saw one of the chefs on Ready,Steady, Cook make one without adding onion or garlic, but the recipe still hasn't been posted to the BBC site. All I remember is coconut milk and 2 red chilies.

Alternately, does anyone have any good Indian cuisine recipes that don't use onion, garlic, garam marsala, or curry powder/paste (or where it can easily be omitted)? I think he'd be happy with anything that resembles Indian cuisine!

Are we doomed?

Gluten Free Creamed Spinach

Hi everyone! I had Gastric Bypass and had the joy of so many complications. Like IBD, Gluten alergy, food restrictions. So now I am learning to make everything gluten free. Enjoy the dish!

1 block of cream cheese room temp
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 16 oz bag of chopped spinach, strained & pat dry
sea salt
fresh cracked pepper

1/2 cup parm cheese
2 tablespoons of pine nuts (optional)

in saute pan over medium heat break down cream chesse, add olive oil & butter, salt, pepper. Add in spinach and work mixture thru with a wooden spoon. Keep moving until it is good and melted. Stir in parm cheese and pine nuts.

Serve warm & Enjoy!

Sometimes I use this as a bed and place grilled butter & garlic shrimp on top