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IBS safe goo


[I'd share the recipe, but it's copyrighted and as a writer I am pretty anal about that. Check Heather Van Vorous, Eating for IBS, p 256]

The recipe includes graham crackers, canola oil, egg whites, brown sugar, vanilla, salt and soy milk.


I was refered here from the cooking community, I need ideas of what to eat. I have gallstones, and can't eat anything spicy, fatty, fried, and probably very litle dairy. I'm getting tired of eating the same thing day after day. I love love love spicey food, so nothing spicy is a real bummer for me. Even just a tiny bit of butter or cooking spray make me feel sick, so I have a feeling I'll be doing  a lot of boiling/steaming/baking/grilling. 

Soy Milk, Et Al

So I tried Silk Soy Milk tonight for the first time and was completely unprepared for the taste.

My question to you is: if you are dairy-free, what milk substitute do you use? How long did it take you to get used to the taste?

Cooking Disaster Strikes =O!

Oh dear.

This one's going to take a little while to explain, so bear with me. Pictures included.

My apartment kind of now smells like Passover, which is cool, 'cos that's my favorite holiday.

File this one under "IBS"

Chicken Soup-turned-sweet-wine-marinade-turned-chicken and rice stew, with pictures!Collapse )

Minted broad bean and ham soup

This recipe is the 'cut down' version that my Mum makes of a -very- delicious soup from the NineMSN webpage, made up of, primarily, broad beans and ham. Although it has to be mentioned, you can easily substitute the ham for any other meat. I've tried it with chicken in place of the ham, and it is absolutely delicious!

I'm not sure if broad beans are commonly called that elsewhere in the world besides New Zealand and Australia, but I believe they are also called fava beans *nods*

Oh, and I have been diagnosed with a functional bowel disorder. They've said it's not IBS, but I have so many of the symptoms I tend to believe the original doctors' opinions on it, rather than the specialist that said it's not that :)

Recipe behind the cut....Collapse )

Safe Foods

Just to try to get the ball rolling here, a little bit:

What are some of your safe foods and spices? I figured if we can come up with a general list of ingredients that we can stick this in the memories section, and then, when someone wants to come up with their own recipe, they've got a list of "safe" ingredients.

Also, what substitutions do you use? For example, if you're baking and you can't use normal milk, do you use soy milk or something else?

If you can label the condition these ingredients are "safe" for, that'd also be awesome--probably not a good idea to tell a celiac patient that all-purpose flour is a safe ingredient!

Cheers and happy commenting!

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