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Suggestions Please!

I've recently had to change my diet rather drastically due to some medical stuff going on in my life.

As such, I'm now basically living on meuseli, pasta, a little lean meat and vegetables. It's really boring. So I'm looking for inspiration, ideas and food to get me through this horrid lack of cheese and chocolate.

So, These are the restrictions in order of importance:
As low fat as possible.
No onions or onion family. This includes onions in things and onion salt/powder... any hint of onion is BAD. The only exceptions I've found that I can have are spring onions and garlic.
No pork or pig based products.
No sea food (except fish).
No cauliflower/broccoli/brassica vegetables.
No highly spiced/hot flavourings.

What I have access to:
A good shop round the corner with a reasonable selection of fresh food and the usual kinds of staples.
Green beans
Baby corn
Red/Green Bell Peppers
Cous cous
Cooked and raw chicken
Raw chunks of lamb
Chicken Stock
A good stock of herbs (fresh and dried)
Some spices such as paprika/ginger/cinnamon

Thank you in advance, I will attempt to reciptrocate with photos or maybe recipe suggestions of my own.